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My name is Fernanda and I was born in Brazil in 1983. I graduated as a Dentist in 2005 and 5 years later a friend of mine invited me for an  European adventure where we could spent 8 months in Ireland, studying English and traveling... Oh hell yeahhh... And it's been 11 years! I lived in Dublin for 2 years where I met my Kerry born husband. I had my first son while living in Kildare and my second in Cork, where I have been living for more than 6 years...  

Crochet was always a passion of mine and I had it dormant in me for a few years... When Cian arrived, my oldest son, the world of yarn and hooks were back... and it was vital for me since I was diagnosed with Post-Natal Depression. I was feeling so lonely and useless (even though I had just made a human being and it wasnt sleeping at all caring for him) and I needed something to give me a sense of purpose. I started a business called Cacau Crochet and I was making baby clothes and blanket for sale... but, the crochet market is a very saturated one so I kept looking for options... And thats when I found Yael (www.yooladesigns.com) and what she could do with wire and a crochet hook. It felt like a new world of possibilities had opened up to me. So in December 2019, I started WildWire Ireland. It's been an amazing adventure and learning curve where I met the most supportive and creative Irish artists for which I'm so grateful.

Join me on this crazy ride!!!